A Need for Connection

People are more connected today than ever before in human history. Despite this, whole generations are rapidly losing connections with nature. Our mission is to connect residents of the Brazos Valley to our natural resources through unique, nature-centered  experiences in the classroom, at public, and in the daily lives of friends, family members, and future generations.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Who is The Urban Interface

Our Mission

The Urban Interface (TUI) is an educational and conservation based organization dedicated to the careful stewardship of wildlife, human development, and the vision of creating a more balanced, sustainable community between the two. 

Like the forestry term we are named after, The Urban Interface strives to be a bridge between wild lands and urban development, providing the opportunity for people to engage with local nature and wildlife in a unique environment that both protects your natural resources and encourages healthy growth of people and natural space.


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What We Can Offer

Educational Presentations

Let us bring the nature to you! Our educational presentations cover a variety of topics and animals native to Texas ecosystems. We can even cater our programs to match your themes or topics.


Educational Booths

Our booths are a great way to attract crowds and encourage nature education at your next large event!


Private events

Got a kiddo who loves raptors? Consider bringing us to their next birthday party! They will get an up close look at several of our ambassador animals.


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Because our clients often request a variety of topics or themes, we can work with most requests to customize our presentations to your needs.

Past Program Themes

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Who Hunts Hoo?
  • The Physics of Flight
  • Migratory Masters
  • Birds and Mammals: A Biological Comparison
  • Masters of the Sky
  • There’s Something about Snakes
  • Habitat Hurdles


We Are Experts


We are a 501(c)3 organization licensed by the Federal and State Government to keep and train these highly protected animals for educational outreach.

Our programs are designed to teach the conservation, life histories, and biology of native Texas species you may encounter in your backyard.


For teachers this means our programs can be used to add diversity to the concepts you are already planning to teach. We will happily work with you to develop a program that interacts with students to discuss different topics for any age group or any TEKs requirement you may want to cover. 


Meet our Team