Written by Sarahi Farias

Migration is the seasonal movement of animals from one region to another and it is an important aspect of well-being for birds. When birds migrate, there are many different things to take into consideration. What does a bird prioritize? Are they trying to get to their destination before any other birds (fly the fastest)? Are they trying to be as efficient as possible so as to not deplete their fat reserves? Or are they just trying to get there safely and avoid predators? We will go through these migration motivators and migration facts for some of our raptor ambassadors at The Urban Interface.

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Written by: Jorge Gonzalez

Dinosaurs inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. Pictured to the right is an artistic description of a species of Sauropod, a group of long necked, long tailed, four legged herbivorous dinosaurs. Not much is known of dinosaurs engaging in migratory behaviors similar to those that many birds display.

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