The Wild Life Podcast is an online naturalist and biodiversity blog about wildlife and ecology. The Wild Life embraces curiosity, answers your questions, and reveals exciting discoveries through humor, story-telling, and interviews with leading experts. You can learn more about them at their Patreon, here.

Just like Katie posted a few weeks ago, Devon and Richard, the creators of The Wild Life, discuss the importance of amphibians in our ecosystem. They also cover some interesting historical anecdotes and stories about frogs from all over the world. Did you know that Poison Dart Frogs inspired a new kind of antifreeze? Listen to learn more!

In this podcast, Devon and Richard tell the story of two Harvard professors with a bucket of frogs and a rooftop, solve the decade old mystery of exploding toads in Germany, identify the culprit of frog deformities across the Western US, speak with Dr. Voyles about her research on disease ecology and amphibians in Panama, and chat with Dr. Konrad Rykaczewski about the inspiration for his antifreeze technology.

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