Freyja is an adult female red-tailed hawk. She joined us in May of 2014 after she was declared non-releasable due to a severe wing injury that left her with two metal pins permanently implanted in her wing. She has recovered nicely, though she will never be able to fly well enough to hunt on her own.

Red-tailed hawks are a common raptor native to the continental the United States. Usually found perched on telephone poles, these birds have been nicknamed the “Chicken Hawk” by many local farmers for their occasional attempts to hunt un-monitored fowl. Though they prefer open fields and forest edges, they have adapted quite well to urban life.

Red-tailed hawks use their incredible eyesight to spot and hunt prey consisting of mice, rabbits, rats, snakes, and other small animals. Their diet means that they are a very beneficial and help keep pest populations in check. 

The cost to feed and care for Freyja is roughly $3.00 a day.