Our History

We were founded in June of 2013 and received its 501(c)3 status in December of 2013. TUI was founded on the realization that a growing community like the Brazos Valley could really benefit from a service dedicated to wildlife and nature education. Our organization is dedicated to providing continuing education and conservation of wildlife and nature.

We provide resources to connect you to the nature around you! We want to help you, your friends, your neighbors, the entire community develop a passion for the space you call home! By offering educational programs and opportunities, we hope to ignite spark of fascination and interest in the world immediately around you.  Each interaction with you provides us the chance to build those sparks into a fiery passion for nature and wildlife.

We care for non-releasable native wildlife, training them for educational purposes. We work to bring a touch of nature to your classroom, gathering, or public event in the hopes that we can reach people and educate anyone and everyone about your native plants and animals, the roles they play, and how vital they are to us, even in urban and suburban life.