Programs bringing nature to you

topics designed to meet your class, party, or event’s needs

Whether it’s an educational presentation, birthday party, or convention booth, The Urban Interface is ready to bring a piece of nature directly to you! With the help of our animal ambassadors, our team is ready to help teach anyone about the incredible ecosystems Texas is known for and the even more incredible wildlife it houses. 

While we have a prepared set of topics to present about, each of our presentations offers different information, and perspectives based on the audience interest in certain topics, and even the proposed themes given to us by clients beforehand. We work to do more than simply lecture, we want to engage with our audiences and get them thinking critically about the information we share. 

Like many of our animals, we’re adaptable; ready to travel across the state and tailor programs to best fit the event and the animals we are teaching about. It’s our goal to create connections with nature through the amazing animals we work with and the engaging presentations we make.


Our Programs

Reconnecting to Nature

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Our programs will give you the chance to meet some of our native wildlife species and learn about the important roles they play within our ecosystem.

For yOur Curriculum

Our programs can be used to add diversity to the concepts you are already planning to teach. We will happily work with you to develop a program that interacts with students to discuss different topics for any age group or any TEK requirement you may want to cover. 

For Your Budget

We wish we could offer our programs for free to everyone. However, we need to feed and care for our animal ambassadors, so we must charge for our programs. We do however work to keep those costs low for your consideration.

PROGRAMS                $150 + FUEL
BOOTH                  $100/HR + FUEL

For your Schools

Because we want to be a resource for education, we have decided not charge for school based programs and classrooms. Because we are publicly funded, we may still request material donations, or symbolic adoptions of our ambassadors if possible.

Our Programs can include

A Little Something for Everyone

We can offer a wide variety of topics, themes and even activities to better teach about our animals and their fascinating facts. If you would like to request certain segments for our programs, simply make the request early enough so we can prepare it. Take a look at some of the considerations we’ve already made for past programs.

Activity Labs

Pop Culture Topics or Themes

Touchable displays (Excluding Birds of Prey)

Crowds of Various sizes from: 2 – many

Bird of Prey Photo Shoots 

Travel Throughout the State of Texas