Did you know that the Earth is the only known planet to have oceans on it? However, in recent years NASA has discovered that Europa and Callisto, two of Jupiter’s moons, may contain oceans underneath thick crusts of ice. NASA has also confirmed that Mars has intermittent periods of liquid water flow. On Earth, there is one global ocean which is composed of five ocean basins and seven seas and nearly 91% of the oceans inhabitants have yet to be identified. All of this could potentially mean millions of more animal and plant species may reside in these bodies of water that have yet to be recognized and are in need of our protection! Oceans, as far as scientists know now, are unique to earth – isn’t that amazing?

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Written by Andrea Lloyd

Recently, I came across a TED Talk  which captured my eye entitled “Why I Love Vultures”. Munir Virani, born and raised in Kenya, shares his research about the catastrophic crash of vulture populations across Asia, as well as his own experiences with local African vulture population decline. He shares the importance of vultures historically, mythologically, and culturally, and closes with what you can do to help vultures in Asia and Africa. His passion inspired me to learn more about our local vultures.

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