Written by Andrea Lloyd

When we think of a traditional garden, we see lines of plants taking up space in a backyard. A large garden might hold tomato plants, a series of lettuce, and other vegetables. Although admirable, not everyone has the space or time for such a patch of land. Today we explore alternative gardening methods that you could try in your own home.

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Written by Andrea Lloyd

Inner Space Caverns. Photo by Andrea Lloyd

Texas boasts over 3000 caves, caverns, and sinkholes. If you live in the state, there is likely one near you. Some of the most famous show caves include Natural Bridge Caverns, Longhorn Caverns, the Caves of Sonora, Cascade Caverns, and Devil’s Sinkhole. Here we use photos a particular cave to explore our topic: the Inner Space Caverns, found in Georgetown, Texas. As a special geological structure, we’ve dedicated this blog post to caves and their origins!

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Written by Corey Batson

Without fail, each spring we receive calls and complaints about an animal nest around people causing problems. Most of the time these grievances are noise or poop related, two understandable reasons to grumble! While there isn’t anything we can do to relieve these people, especially if the animal is a protected bird species, it does raise a question:

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