Valkyrie is an 18 year old falcon from Colorado Springs. She was born and raised in captivity, spending the majority of her time caring for and rearing young falcons. Although she may have retired from that life, she is still a physically fit bird with the attitude of her namesake.

Once endangered throughout the U.S. Peregrine Falcons have seen a drastic recovery thanks largely to the dedicated work of teams fighting for their protection and birds like Valkyrie that helped raise new generations of birds that could be released back into the wild.

Wild Peregrines are found dispersed throughout the states and travel incredible distances in search of food, shelter and nesting locations. When hunting for food, these bird can dive after their prey, reaching speeds of nearly 250 miles per hour, making them the fastest animal on earth. 

The cost to feed and care for Freyja is roughly $3.00 a day.